• Mouser, Renesas Team on MCUs, Design Tools for IoT
    Mouser Electronics will distribute Renesas' Synergy™ Platform to design engineers to speed time-to-market for Internet of Things (IoT), industrial, and real-time operating system-based applications. ------- Editor's Note: This news brief was brought to you by the Wire & Cable Technolog... Read more »
  • Infinera Offers Open Mobile Transport Solutions for 5G
    Infinera introduced a new range of flexponders for mobile fronthaul and a new EMXP Access Unit for mobile backhaul to extend the capabilities of XTM series-based solutions, providing investment protection, and meeting stringent performance requirements for mobile operators as networks scale to 5G.... Read more »
  • Vein Authentication Technology Reads Palm Veins
    Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. reportedly developed the world's first slide-style palm vein authentication technology. This technology is compact enough to be equipped to future tablets and other handheld mobile devices. For some time, making the optical unit smaller had been difficult.  -------... Read more »
  • Silver Interconnects Replace Copper on Flexible Circuits
    Combining improvements in silver ink technology with advanced printing, a leading connector manufacturer has developed high-performance silver flexible circuits as an economical alternative to traditionally etched copper interconnects on polyimide and printed circuit boards. The newly developed proc... Read more »
  • Pushing the Limits of PCB Density
    To give printed circuit boards (PCBs) a boost in interconnect density, a leading Swiss manufacturer of PCBs has launched a new technology platform called DenciTec. It combines advances in thin-film technology with PCB manufacturing to create conductor widths and spacings down to 25 µm with cop... Read more »
  • Wind Farm Networks Switch to Higher Voltage Cables
    As renewable energy gains momentum, wind farm operators need higher voltage cables to deliver high power from offshore platforms to mainland grids. To meet the growing demand, French cable manufacturer Nexans has developed a new range of inter-array cable systems operating at up to 72.5 kV. The new... Read more »
  • Spider Web Inspired Researchers Create Composite Fibers
    Inspired by spider webs and their capture silks, researchers at the University of Oxford in UK, in collaboration with the Université Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris, have produced composite fibers in the laboratory that extend like a solid and constrict like a liquid. According to the scientis... Read more »
  • Tiny Robot Replaces Technicians for Inspecting Power Cables
    Electrical technicians wearing protective clothing and employing cumbersome safety procedures have performed required routine inspections along power distribution lines for decades. Now a team of researchers at the University of Georgia College of Engineering has developed a tiny wireless robot to... Read more »
  • Fiber Optic Cable Knowledge Ensures Reliable Performance
    Besides higher speed, other benefits driving aerospace and defense applications to fiber optic cables include weight, reliability, and immunity from electromagnetic interference (EMI). However, to fully tap these benefits, system designers must acquire expertise in handling fiber optic cables and c... Read more »
  • How to Counter Cable Failure
    Many users prefer to connect to the Internet via an Ethernet cable that goes directly to a modem rather than connecting by Wi-Fi. Security and reliability are just two of the reasons for a direct connection. And in fact, for some devices, it's the only option. But no method is foolproof,... Read more »